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The Agenda

Mon Miami leave at 5PM
Tue Grand Bahama Island 8AM - 5PM
Wed Nassau 8AM - 6PM
Thu Great Stirrup Cay 8AM - 5PM
Fri Miami arrive at 8AM

Travel during the evening and play during the day.

February 9th-13th (Monday - Friday) 2019

The idea is simple. Let's all get together in a relaxed atmosphere someplace warm and fun in February. A cruise! No sessions. No conference. Just a predetermined cruise date and destination to share with anyone and everyone interested. Invite friends and family. Network with others interested in ColdFusion, Flex, AIR and other web goodness.

Bring your significant other, bring your kids, bring your friends. I hope to see you there.


Todd Sharp
ColdFusion gatherings are first and foremost about rubbing elbows and exchanging ideas with other developers. Conferences allow this, but I always walk away wishing I had more time to network with my peers. I think this cruise will give us more face time with each other in a less formal manner to really allow us to focus on networking and informal idea sharing - maybe even a little bit of learning and collaborating while we're at it! On top of that we'll get to eat, drink and hang out on tropical islands...what could be better?

Aaron West
Attending this cruise will be akin to attending a Web conference with only the social aspects included. I love conferences and really enjoy them, but it will be nice to hang out with the same folks in a more social atmosphere without the time commitments of attending sessions. Let the sun and fun begin, because I'm in!

Jared Rypka-Hauer
I'd sell a kidney to be on this cruise! The Bahamas? With a crew of drunken programmers? WHAT A HOOT!

Who is behind this and why?

My name is Joshua Cyr. I really enjoy the social aspects of a conference, but feel like there is never enough time to chat with everyone I want and feel relaxed. I love a good cruise. Plus I really wanted to go some place warm, out doors, and where I don't have to worry about anything. So doing an organized cruise sounded like a great side project.

This isn't a corporate tour. There is no session/conference. I am personally organizing this whole thing. I am NOT charging any money, there is no fee. In fact I have negotiated with my travel agent and Norwegian Cruise La very good discount and a few extra perks for all of us!

To book call Sandy from Apollo Travel Service in Concord, NH @ 603.224.5337. She can organize the entire trip for you. This isn't specifically required, but you will get a better deal working with Sandy then going through NCL directly, and it will also help us track who is coming and our total numbers, which gives us better bargaining power.

While I call this a RIA related cruise feel free to invite your friends and family. This is something that we all can enjoy. Kids are also welcome, though not recommended below age 2.

Special thanks to our sponsor (and my employer) Savvy Software.

Balcony Stateroom

A bit more space and a floor-to-ceiling glass door that opens to private balcony.


Two lower beds or combined into one bed.

* Pricing is per person double occupancy for the entire week. Includes lodging, food, taxes and estimated fuelsupplement.



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To book or ask specific questions about the cruise and pricing call our dedicated travel agent Sandy